Card Theme for 2022

The Meaning of a Card

Snail Mail. Raise your hand if you like getting snail mail that isn’t bills or junk. Say, a greeting card.

I don’t quite remember how or why I got into card making. Maybe the thought of showing in a creative way how much someone means to me?

You know what? No matter what, I think retrieving the mail and seeing a special envelope addressed just to you can invoke these feelings within:

  • surprise (with a smile)
  • happiness because you were thought of
  • warm fuzzy feelings when you see the design and work put into the card just for you

And hey, opening up the envelope itself is like opening up a little gift, right?

The Journey

In the past I’ve made many a card that went from simple stamping to textures of mixed media. I am a perfectionist. Trying to create such a style for someone can take me hours, even days! This year I wanted to simplify card making a bit for myself, especially since none were made during the past, two years.


Somehow, die sets popped up into my head. There has been many a die set I’ve been admiring, ones that enable cards to be interactive. I ended up buying one by Lawn Fawn. I like how when you pull the tab, the images go from black and white to color, like a magic trick!


I was all psyched after ordering the die set. However, I did run into problems:

  1. My birthday stamps were too big to fit into the window space.
  2. Most of my birthday stamps didn’t envoke enthusiasm.
  3. My stamps were girly.


I treated myself to new, birthday stamp sets!

When the Plan Comes Together

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you my best, handmade card so far this year:

This is actually the fifth, birthday card of this 2022. I say it’s the best one because I finally got the hang of this card’s construction, used my Distress Inks to make the distressed background of the front of the base card, and I remembered to color the background. Isn’t it cute?

BTW, my 17 yo gave me the idea of stamping the little party hat that way so it looks like it’s falling off while the bunny floats up into the air while holding onto the balloon. I used reds and pinks because when I think of February, I mostly think of hearts and Valentine’s day.

The Creative Deets


  • Recollections Cardstock
    • Shades of Red
    • Cream
  • Judikins Embossable Window Plastic Sheets


  • Lawn Fawn Magic Color Slider


  • MaGuo Happy Birthday Stamps for Cardmaking Cupcakes Bear Clear Stamps DIY Scrapbooking


  • Tim Holtz Distress Inks
    • Festive Berries
    • Worn Lipstick
  • Staz-On Solvent Ink – black


  • white gesso for splatters
  • i-Craft Easy-Tear Tape – 1/8″
  • Prismacolor Scholar Color Pencils

This card was received on time and well-loved. Made me happy that it made her happy. Mission accomplished.

Until our next chat, I bid you farewell. Take care and TTYS.

8 thoughts on “Card Theme for 2022

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  1. I love a bit of snail mail, always exciting. And a handmade card well double excitement. Nice that you are branching out to something a little different in the card making. Love the hat falling off! Yay for creativity.


  2. I thought I’d left a comment, but I’m not sure. If this is a near repeat, please delete. Your card is very cute. I look forward to more cards by you, Stef. Hopefully, you can inspire me to make some cards of my own. I’m not likely to make anything nearly as detailed as you, but I love the idea of sending handmade cards to people.

    Liked by 1 person

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