Asian Authors


I usually read on my Kindle Paperwhite because of the conveniences:

  • being able to look up words
  • being to read at night with the lights off
  • lightweight
  • fits into my purse easily.

However, towards the end of last year I felt I was slacking off on reading. I had a trilogy on my device and most of the time I wasn’t motivated to read.

When it came to choosing my First Book of the Year – a yearly event started by Shelia deChantal – for 2022 I felt like switching to hardcovers even though I would have to lug the book around. I thought the feel of the book and the smell of the pages would motivate me to read.

In addition, I felt the need to read works by Asian authors. I’ve been seeing more Asians writing rom com/modern day romances and in the fantasy genre. I love how the representation is building out there.

First Quick Book Review

Six Crimson Cranes by Melanie Lim


Shiori is a 16 yo who once enjoyed certain freedoms of her childhood. As she got older, her life became more restrictive because she is a princess and is betrothed to a prince. The princess also hides her magic which is forbidden in her kingdom. One day it gets out of hand, catching the attention of her stepmother who then casts a spell. The woman turns Shiori’s seven brothers into cranes that fly away and banishes Shiori who cannot speak of what’s happened. If she does, a brother will die. The princess then tries to find her brothers and comes across a plot to overthrow her father’s kingdom. She sets out to make things right.



I liked how when the book started and was building up the who, what, when, and where, the plot moved. I was never bored.

Sometimes a book can take a while to get into the meat of the plot; these are times I get restless while reading and know that until I’m about 25-30% in, the story will pick up and I’ll become more interested in the book.


I found each setting intriguing. The author was descriptive of places. There is a contrast in kingdoms.


There are many characters. Some made me question who were they really. While they each had a role in the plot, the main focus was on Shiori.

There was character development of her as she went through ups and downs. A reader on Goodreads didn’t like her and blamed many plot elements on her. As a mother, I have teenagers and have seen teenagers in action. Shiori starts out as 16 yo and hello, she’s a princess and the only girl. I understood her temperament and desires. What happens to her, I feel, made her brave, tougher, and less selfish.


I enjoyed this story as it had elements of several fairy tales. I want to list them but I’m afraid they would be spoilers.

No one participated in my survey in the first, book post so I don’t know if in general, me mentioning things like, there’s a twist or there’s a cliffhanger at the end, would ruin a book for someone.

Adding: My bad; I didn’t know that when you click on an answer the percentages show up.

To Recommend or Not Recommend

I would certainly recommend this book. I enjoyed the East Asian culture infused throughout the story.

Well, until our next chat, I bid you farewell. Take care and TTYS.

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  1. My wife is dedicated to online reading, mainly books downloaded from the library to her iPad, but I am a confirmed devotee of real books and I cannot wean myself away from them. Actually, I have no wish to do so, because I am in love with them! It’s like having a mistress you don’t need to hide!

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  2. I love my kindle for lightness and portability but I prefer books in my hand so I do a mixture of both. I am trying my best to read fiction and non fiction every month as well as a short story a day if I have the time.


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