Halfway Through

I needed a break from watching Netflix so I started catching up on Stitch and Stuff, the cross stitch podcast of Kim and her daughter, Sarah. They inspired me to pick up my cross stitch WIP. Because of that, I am now halfway through The Cross-Eyed Cricket pattern:

I feel the “T” has the most detail. I dreaded having to backstitch the spider’s legs as my original intention was to stitch each one separately, but I just kept stitching continuously and the back view actually came out tidy.

a close up of all the individual, clustered details

I have three more letters to go. They seem to consist of straightforward stitching.

I’ve ordered a new cross stitch frame to work from, a Q-Snap. I ordered a large size since my two WIP’s are larger than my embroidery hoops. The plan is to work monogamously on this Autumn piece so by late September, it’ll be done.

Until our next chat, I bid you farewell. TTYS.

6 thoughts on “Halfway Through

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  1. Backstitching is my least favorite part of cross stitching. But, it makes a finished piece really look professional when done right. Your Autumn sampler is precious and I like the little spider hanging off the T. Kim and Sarah truly do inspire.


    1. Thanks. They are fun, aren’t they? They have so many wonderful pieces that they’re working on. I’ve added a few more cross stitch podcasts to my subscriptions: Jan Hicks Creates, Salt Box Stitcher, Brenda and the Serial Starter, and Crosshatch Quilts. The new ones I like their vibe.


  2. You are so good at the cross-stitching! The spider looks great Stefanie, I can’t wait to see it all finished! ♥ And you’re right, it will be a relief for me when I finally get my blog up and running on WP. Right now I’m having issues bringing in my old posts with their uploader…waiting on a work around to get that going. Technology just frustrates me in general lol!


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